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Carow Land Surveying in Appleton, WI, provides residential and commercial surveying services. If you are in need of a certified survey map, a plat of survey, subdivision plats, condominium plats, elevation certificates, and more, we can help. We have a qualified and experienced team. Read more about services below. Start your free proposal today or give us a call at (920) 731-4168.


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Plat of Survey

A plat of survey is used to retrace an existing parcel’s boundary lines according to that parcel’s recorded deed and to locate improvements on that parcel. Sometimes landowners, banks, and title companies use this survey to verify that there are no encroachments, occupation, or deed line discrepancies associated with the property.

Certified Survey Map (CSM)

A certified survey map is a minor subdivision of a parcel of land into no more than four lots. This may vary depending on the local municipality or county ordinance. Certified survey maps are used to create new parcels, combine contiguous parcels, or alter lot lines. Typically certified survey maps will be reviewed by the local municipality and/or County in which the lots are created. They are also used for dedicating public roadways. Certified survey maps are recorded at the County Register of Deeds office.

Subdivision Plats

A subdivision allows the creation of any number of lots. The primary use of subdivisions is for residential, commercial, or industrial developments. Subdivisions are regulated by State Statutes and reviewed by state and local governmental agencies. The first step is a design concept which centers on the developer’s market desires and parameters dictated by local ordinances and review. The concept design is followed by the preliminary and final plats of the subdivision. The preliminary and final plats require review and approval by various local and state units of government. Following the approval processes, the Final Plat with all the detailed dimensional information is recorded at the Register of Deeds. The subdivision plat contains not only the lots but road dedications, various types of easements, building setbacks, flood plain information, and other pertinent data to the buyer.

Condominium Plats

This plat is used where there are multiple units on a single parcel of land and there will be separate ownership of each unit. Areas are designated for the use by a unit called limited common elements and an area designated for the use of the entire association called common elements. This map is recorded in the Register of Deeds along with other required documents.

ALTA / ACSM Survey

This type of survey is normally used by Title Insurance and Mortgage Companies where they instruct the surveyor to perform specific survey and mapping requirements such as locating the legal boundary lines and any improvements, easements, sewer, water, electric, telephone, and floodplain lines and any encroachments that affect the property so the survey exception can be removed by the title company. ALTA/ACSM surveys are typically used on multifamily, commercial, or industrial pieces of property and occasionally on large vacant tracts and residential property.

Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)

When a parcel of land is mapped in the floodplain by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), flood insurance is required if there is a federally insured mortgage on the property. There can be significant discrepancies between mapped floodplain limits and floodplain limits based on ground actual elevations. In order to map a property out of the floodplain, the surveyor will collect the actual property elevations, including the lowest elevation within a building such as its basement or crawl space, and draft a map. The map, along with additional information may be submitted for review to FEMA for a map change. The requirement for flood insurance can be released in many cases.

Floodplain surveys are also used in floodplain areas where new construction is required to be built two feet above the 100-Year Flood Elevation. The surveyor will set a reference point (benchmark) for the construction phase.

Elevation Certificate

For properties that remain in the floodplain, the insurance company needs certain elevation data in order to rate the insurance. The surveyor will collect the necessary elevation data and photographs and then complete the elevation certificate.

Topographic Survey

A topographic survey is a three-dimensional survey map showing spot elevations and/or contours, existing structures, utility locations, fence lines, waterways, etc. It is primarily used for the design of subdivisions, new construction, parking areas, and drainage plans.

Erosion Control / Drainage Plan

This is a minor site plan typically used for the construction of new homes or buildings. A topography survey is completed on the property and then a drawing is made showing this data along with the location and elevation of the building, impervious areas such as driveways and walkways, and other proposed improvements.

Environmental Services

Carow Land Surveying & Environemtal helps clients every day in the area of environmental services. We manage environmental needs such as phase I & II environmental site assessments, storage tank site assessments, brownfields, or remediation projects. We can complete specific environmental investigation activities on a per-site basis.

Our staff brings more than 50 years of combined experience in all areas of environmental services, including a wide knowledge of environmental project funding and grant applications. In many cases, we are liaisons with government agencies, funding sources, and insurance companies. We get involved immediately to communicate, plan, and manage complex environmental regulations and deliver a successful completion of our client’s projects.


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